26 January, 2023

Quality of life, a need that we become more aware of every day

Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

Since its inception in the 2008, and with a projection to 40 years, commitment to the community to be a leader in innovation, sustainability and design to substantially improve the quality of life, a need that we are more aware of every day. "With the commitment to improve people's lives, is that we have planned a new ‘Center’, a place that concentrates those emotions that make us vibrate and that promote memorable life experiences in our homes every day ", stated Henry Kardonski CEO of London & Regional Panama, Panama Pacifico Master Developer.

CENTRAL, the new project in Panama Pacifico to 2021, was officially presented, this month in a virtual event in which a unique space to live and work in an environment of complete well-being was unveiled. A trend that is gaining strength in our Latin American countries.

CËNTRIQO is a space within the Panama Pacific Special Economic Area, a place to live, that will connect you with areas of culture, art, sport and gastronomy in a modern and urban environment. It is a dynamic community, very different from what we know. Connect the natural with the urban, a few steps from natural parks and outdoor shopping areas.

Work a few steps from home, in a “Live / Work / Experience” concept, allows you to enjoy more time to carry out multiple personal projects that would be unthinkable in another setting.

The architects Ignacio Mallol and George Moreno were responsible for designing this innovative residential concept.

About Panama Pacifico

Panama Pacific, includes 1,400 hectares, more of 4,000 residents, where 300 multinational and national companies are part and more than 10,000 contributors, of which 90% They are Panamanian labor. A constantly growing and connected community, made up of more than 500 entrepreneurs.