They are looking for a Salvadoran in Carrizo, Texas.

Wendy Beatriz Álvarez López.

By Deysi Dominguez

High temperatures in the Carrizo desert, Texas, in United States, They would have complicated Wendy Beatriz Álvarez López's health, of 29 year old, a young Salvadoran woman who crossed borders on an illegal trip, and that it was abandoned by him “coyote”.

Alexander Alvarez, young girl's brother, told Voice of the Diaspora, that his sister Wendy took the journey from the past 13 of August, with another group of Salvadorans, originally from Ilobasco, Cabins, where is your family from.

"We lost contact with my sister, Thursday 2 of September, when she was already in Carrizo, Texas, we have been told that my sister got very sick, and that he would have been intoxicated, is what they have told us ", Alvarez said.

The young woman would have been in a desolate area, Next to a tree, in very delicate health condition, due to high temperatures above the 100 degrees. He wore pants and a sweater.