TPS bus touring the US for support

By Rosy Aquino Montesinos

Since August, a group of immigrants covered by the Temporary Protected Status, known by its acronym in English as TPS, touring the US for support and to advocate for the thousands of beneficiaries of the program were affected last January when President Donald Trump announced the end of this benefit.

The group tepesianos, grouped in the National Alliance TPS, he left Texas, has come a 36 cities of the American nation and also seeks to, raise awareness about the impact on families the implementation of the policy "zero tolerance" of the US government.

According activists said traveling on the route, It is important that the American people know that the separation of families at the border and the criminalization of immigrants is an act of dehumanization of people.

TPS bus as he called organizers, tour the country for three months and other activities, They will meet with important local politicians in cities, They held vigils and information sessions for immigrants, especially Latinos, know about their immigration rights.

But nevertheless, About some months ago, National Alliance TPS has met with senators and other politicians to propose "permanent residency and a path to citizenship" and stop the cancellation of the program, "So that in the future continues to benefit others who truly need", He explained Francisco Pacheco, this group activist.

The caravan ends its tour next 9 November in Washington, where organizadore expected to meet with other politicians and personalities to seek support in the US Congress.