Bukele violates vote electoral code and calls news conference

By Diego Murcia

As in previous fair, party presidential election El Salvador, held this 3 February, He was peppered with irregularities. The most serious: the virtual winner of the day, Najib Bukele made a transmission on social networks calling for the vote to favor his candidacy, although the Electoral Code prohibits.

Missing about two hours for the closing of polls, Bukele appeared before cameras and social media asking their supporters out to vote for him to win the presidential elections this day.

The Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) he reacted, after a while, pointing out the violation: "President (July Olivo) denounces the violation of the law by the candidate Bukele to make a conference calling for the vote, which violates the equality. (The) Collegiate body will take action ", said the entity.

Hours before, in San Salvador, Marvin Hernán Solano, He was arrested, according to Art. 295, Literal C, the Electoral Code. The event took place at the Centro Escolar Cast 2 April of this city. According to the report, He broke the ballot.

Elsewhere in the capital, in Colonia Miramonte, a man photographed his ballot while preparing to exercise their vote; this is an offense under the Electoral Code paid with jail. Realizing the fact, representatives of the polling stations approached the individual to admonish him and he decided to break the ballot and then proceeded to devour. The person was arrested on the spot.

Situations like the above were being denounced by supporters of opposing parties, accusing each other of causing riots, electoral damaging property, hit people attending suffrage issue.

The scenario could not be more obtuse than the Electoral Observation Mission of the European Union (MOE UE) in El Salvador he had testified during the morning. "The EU observers have been present in all departments before the opening of the polls, reportándonos has been no significant incident ", Carlos Iturgaiz said this morning, Head of Mission.

Then, things had passed without any "significant incident" and despite the "minimal delays due to organizational issues", in some places it involved two hours late in enabling the polls.