Bukele can not fulfill agreement signed with the United States to receive asylum seekers

Najib Bukele presidents and Donald Trump, meeting for the signature of the agreement Salvadoran President now says can not meet.
By Carmen Rodriguez

Salvadoran President, n watch, He stepped back and said he can not comply with the agreement signed with the United States last September, in which he pledged to receive asylum seekers deported from that country.

“We signed this agreement because we want to show our friendship to our most important ally, which is the United States”, Bukele said in September.

On Tuesday, Secretary of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS, for its acronym in English) Ken Cuccinelli said he would soon receive El Salvador and Honduras to asylum seekers sent by your country.

But nevertheless, President Bukele said in an interview for the program 60 Minutes from CBS will air next Sunday, that El Salvador is unable to receive asylum seekers because it is not a safe country and also, He said the agreement signed with the Administration Trump has many points that are unclear.

"In fact, This is an agreement that has many if… this country has to be safer, much safer ", said Bukele.

And being questioned by the journalist about whether El Salvador is ready to receive asylum seekers sent by the United States, Bukele responded: "Not right now. We do not have capacity for asylum, but we can build ".

Following the signing of the agreement, the Government of Trump, disbursement 51 million for aid to El Salvador, which had been retained. Plus, after the signing of the agreement, the State Department of the United States reduced the travel alert to the Central American country.

These statements Bukele, contradict what the Secretary said this week Cuccinelli. The US official did not specify the date on which El Salvador will host the first asylum seekers United States rejects, But he said talks with the government of Bukele, in respect of that issue are ongoing .

"Asylum seekers can expect to be sent home to be transferred to another country. We have agreements in force with Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador. Guatemala agreement is working; in Honduras it is about to be implemented and El Salvador is also on track ", Cuccinelli said Tuesday in a press conference in Washington.

Here the link extract interview with the US network CBS: