Bukele says "we cornered and just leave us a choice" in security

By Yaneth Estrada

The director of the National Civil Police of El Salvador (PNC), Mauricio Arriaza Chicas confirmed the death of 23 members of the corporation in recent days, after ambushes and attacks by criminal groups.

"The president has been very clear, we will dedicate to the prevention and repression of you engage yourself, is the line 2 Public Safety Plan Cuscatlán ", said Arriza Girls.

After a policeman was injured Tuesday night in the department of Santa Ana, President Najib Bukele confirmed that there will be "truce".

"They just injure another PNC, two impacts in the abdomen. Pitifully, They are cornering us and leave us with only one option ", Bukele added in social networks.

The figure of a "truce" between the government and gangs, He emerged with former President Mauricio Funes (2009-2014) to reduce the number of killing, bringing benefits to prisons and leaders of criminal groups. From this figure, Currently there is an investigation in the Attorney General's Office (FGR).

Likewise, Minister of Justice and Security Rogelio Rivas presented yesterday a notice to the FGR, for possible financing of two senior FMLN leaders gangs.

As well, at the meeting of Council of Ministers on Monday, Presidential Commissioner for Strategic Affairs, Luis Rodriguez said they are already working on developing a proposal at the level of public safety. Furthermore last week an emergency meeting with security cabinet was held on the same topic, which opened the possibility of reactivating the Police Reaction Group (GRP), created in 1994, with US support and comprised of approximately 90 PNC elements.

In February 2018 the elimination of the elite group was ordered because of involvement in the murder of police Karla Ayala in December 2017, when she is attending a Christmas party organized by the GRP. On the other hand, at 2016 a tax investigation found that a group of policemen GRP acted outside the law, committing extrajudicial executions of gang members.

Reactions and analysis

But nevertheless, in the security area there are important data, as criticism of the Human Rights Institute of the UCA IDHUCA to the newly appointed leaders (Girls in the PNC Arrizas, Ennio Rivera Aguilar, Deputy Defense Minister and Osiris Moon, Director of Prisons) linked to massacres in the last civil war, serious human rights violations, Police murder Karla Ayala, extrajudicial executions and support for the death penalty.

From this, is international evidence, since Wednesday 12 of June, the IACHR granted precautionary measures (No. 28/2019) on behalf of a victim who was deprived of his liberty by members of the PNC, tortured, and to which they set fire and then thrown into a canal.

further, news conference, Jose Maria Tojeira, IDHUCA director confirmed that "Mauricio Arriaza is not the best suited to lead the PNC, as it pertains to initial police promotions have been unsuccessful in the civil service. Equally, It has ties to different groups related to extrajudicial executions ".

Meanwhile, Arnau Baulenas, legal coordinator IDHUCA, He mentioned that some of the cases of extrajudicial executions were carried out by specialized units of the PNC, you were supervised by Arriaza Girls. Among the most famous are the murder of Karla Ayala agent and the slaughter of San Blas in Zaragoza.

He recalled that it was discovered a death squad within the police, whose members coordinated through groups "WhatsApp". "In that case he was directly related Arriaza Commissioner Girls, because it was a unit in charge of it ", He concluded the lawyer.

Another appointment was rejected by the IDHUCA is the deputy Osiris Moon, as director of prisons and also the deputy defense minister Ennio Rivera Aguilar, who was an advocate of the military trial for the slaughter of El Mozote.