Bolsonaro hints that will wave of migration from Argentina to Brazil after the triumph of Alberto Fernández

Photo: @jairbolsonaro
For Recinos Kriscia

Bolsonaro hinted that there will be a wave of migration of Argentines to his country due to the victory obtained last Sunday by Alberto Fernández. "We do not want Argentines fleeing for the bad things that are happening there", Brazilian President said, Jair Bolsonaro, referring to the primary elections in Argentina where the opposition Alberto Fernández, is emerging as the most voted candidate for the presidency, above the current president, Mauricio Macri.

The Brazilian president expressed that if the leftist formula triumphs in the neighboring country, southern Brazil may suffer a refugee crisis similar to that experienced on the northern border of Venezuela.

Bolsonaro's statements do not surprise, since he has repeatedly expressed his closeness and support to Macri. “Cristina Kirchner's band is the same as Dilma Rousseff's, It is the same as Maduro and Chávez, and that of Fidel Castro ", he added.

But nevertheless, Bolsonaro's words got the reaction of Alberto Fernández, who harshly called "racist, misogynistic and violent ", to the Brazilian leader.

And it is that for Fernández, hinting that there will be a wave of migrants fleeing Argentina denotes Bolsonaro's right-wing radicalism. "In political terms, I have nothing to do with Bolsonaro. I greatly celebrate that he speaks ill of me. Is a racist, misogynistic and violent. Meanwhile, with Brazil (citizens and industry) we're going to get along splendid. Brazil will always be our main partner. Bolsonaro is a juncture in the life of Brazil as Macri is a juncture in the life of Argentina ", clarified.

Alberto Fernández integrates the presidential formula with former President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, and together they got more than 47 percent of votes from Argentines, against a 32 percent of Mauricio Macri.

Two months until the general elections, and the primaries in Argentina are seen as an accurate survey of what could happen in October.

Photo: @alferdez