Wednesday, April 14, 2021
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Four migrants die in the jungles of Darien in their attempt to reach Panama

Ilustrative Photo. By Elida Moreno Panama reported the death of four undocumented migrants as they crossed the dangerous Darien jungle on the border with Colombia amid the coronavirus health crisis, and the increasing traffic of foreigners in recent weeks, mostly en route to the United States. The National Migration Service said in ...

Salvadorans in Catalonia launch campaign on migration

The Association of Salvadorans in Catalonia together with the organization Ruido Photo, Launch an awareness campaign on the migration of Salvadorans to this region of Spain. The initiative is supported by the Catalan Fund for Development Cooperation, the municipalities of Barcelona, El Prat de Llobregat, Gavá and Villadecans; and is part of the Education for him project..

World events in the Pan American Pulse

Pan American Pulse, this week he shares the opinions of journalist and political analyst Vittorio Basté Bonafont. According to Basté, this Sunday 11 April the day will be anything but routine in Ecuador as in Peru, citizens of respective countries go to the polls in order to vote in presidential elections. In the first case, the choice in ...

Panama asks Colombia for a controlled flow agreement for the transit of migrants

Erika Mouynes, Foreign Minister of Panama Photo: @ErikaMouynes By Elida Moreno Panama asked Colombia for an agreement to deal with in a controlled manner the transit of undocumented migrants who enter the country through the dangerous Darien jungle, border between both nations, that would prevent a migration crisis after increasing income in the midst of the pandemic.

Disagreement in political management of the COVID-19 vaccine in the country

Photo: Courtesy of the Ministry of Health of El Salvador. By Yaneth Estrada The Savior - Former Minister of Culture and deputy elected by New Ideas, Suecy callejas, exposed on social networks the well-known critic and columnist of the current government (Paolo Lüers), for receiving the COVID-19 vaccine.

The United States will finance 2 million dollars to CICIES for the fight against corruption

Photo: Courtesy of the American Embassy of El Salvador. Writing Voice of the Diaspora The Savior - Ricardo Zúñiga special envoy of Joe Biden,  and representative for the Northern Triangle, He is in Salvadoran territory in a meeting with Attorney General Raúl Melara. Then Zúñiga met with ...

Crystal Generation

By Dra. Margarita Mendoza Burgos They are emotionally fragile, transparent, dual, very informed, technological ... They have between 18 Y 25 years, They are the children of Generation X parents and are called the Crystal Generation. That term, that became so popular lately, was coined by the Spanish philosopher Monserrat Nebrera. "For everything they claim, they complain about everything,...

Outrage after the murder of Victoria Salazar, a Salvadoran immigrant in Mexico

By José Luis Benítez In this episode some citizen reactions and demands are compiled regarding the murder in Tulum, Quintana Roo (Mexico) of the Salvadoran immigrant Victoria Esperanza Salazar Arriaza. This crime was perpetrated by members of the Tulum police on 27 March 2021, and both their families and human rights organizations..

"Beyond the brick road", a voice of hope for those who suffer violence

Panamanian Diana Florián, doctor specializing in pediatric intensive care launches his first novel "Beyond the brick road", that has become a voice of hope for victims of violence, especially the one suffered during childhood. = 7hph9jWdkYk

Forest fires in El Salvador = bee400698ce94b3e Year after year the history of forest fires in El Salvador repeats itself and it seems that neither people nor government agencies take seriously this problem that affects our already precarious environment. In this episode From Outside, we talked about this problem how much ...