10 August, 2022

Biden is confident of winning as Trump denounces election fraud

By Maria T. Morales

Amid accusations of fraud by President and Republican candidate Donald Trump, follow the vote count that drop by drop colors the American political map, that for the moment, gives Joe Biden a clear advantage, Democratic candidate.

Biden leads cattle 264 electoral votes while Trump, 214, according to the last count of the day after the close contest that has put the nerves on edge of both campaigns as well as voters.

To win the presidency, are needed, at least, 270 electoral votes. And biden, although the winner is not declared, He said that he trusts that, at the end of the count, will achieve victory.

After last night, Trump not only declared himself the winner of the contest, but also denounced, no evidence, an alleged electoral fraud, eyes and ears of political analysts foresee a tough and critical battle that could reach the Supreme Court.

If such a situation happens, would be in the hands of nine judges, define who will be the next president of the United States.

For the moment, Trump Legally Claims Michigan Votes, Pennsylvania and Georgia, where according to him, votes must be counted again, because Republican supervisors did not have access to corroborate the results.