Biden presents comprehensive plan to Americans

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By Maria T. Morales

In his first address to the nation in front of Congress, United States President Joe Biden, offered the nation, a hopeful speech, especially in economics, investment and urban development.

The president addressed Americans to commit to improving all aspects of the nation and, promised to end inequality, above all support the middle class, education and the environment.

Regarding health, the president said that health insurance is not a privilege but a right, therefore promised to expand and improve health coverage, the same that has been questioned many times by the excessive cost and the difficulties of the population to access medical attention and medicines.

While, The president also said that those who earn more than 400 thousand dollars will have to pay 36.6% in taxes, and those who earn less than happiness will not pay.

As in his victory acceptance speech, the president made a call to compatriots, to heal the soul of the nation. "We have a great opportunity to stop systemic racism", He said.

further, The president urged Congress to send the law to protect the LGBT community and also support the law Violence against women law.

On Guns and the Nation's Shooting Boom, Biden said he will seek to ban assault weapons.

The president considered that this situation is an epidemic so he will do everything he can to protect Americans from arms.

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Comprehensive law on migration

At least 11 millions of undocumented immigrants could come out of the shadows if Congress unites and reaches common agreements on migration.

"The violence, corruption, gangs, pandemic and natural phenomena ", are for the president the possible causes of migration.

He assured that he will work to achieve a law that protects dreamers and migrants who have temporary protection status and who come from countries in violence..

Likewise, mentioned the farmers, who are mostly undocumented.

Senator Tim Scott, South Carolina representative, responded to President Biden, and criticized the president for dividing instead of uniting.

The senator, of African American descent, rejected the existence of racism in the United States, even though he also claimed to know what it means to be persecuted.

He declared that the president, even though it calls for unification, so far he has not taken any action that indicates a path to unity.

While, Republican María Elvira Salazar, representative for Florida, said he did not agree with the president's proposals, since it is not possible for some to pay for others.

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