Beto O'Rourke electoral test waters for Trump rally in El Paso

Photos: Diego Murcia.
By Diego Murcia

In a clear set of checks and balances, Beto O'Rourke, former Democratic congressman from Texas who is now considering a presidential bid, He joined on Monday an evening march and rally against the wall, organized by civic groups and local human rights, who protested the visit of President Donald Trump to this border region.

But, the essence after the protest had a deeper context. Everyone was waiting for Beto O'Rourke made the announcement that it would launch his presidential candidacy this day, right here in El Paso. In fact, repeatedly, while hundreds chanted the once-successful song that would serve Obama during his presidential campaign, "yes, It can! yes, It can", it seemed that the Democrat would leave out the words half the city expected to hear.

"That would have stolen the headlines Trump's visit", reflected Carmen Ayala, an immigration attorney San Antonio resident, who had come as an observer of the event in which the number of attendees for one and another political leader exceeded thousands, according to their own accounts. She was not the only one who weighed the idea. The possibility of the announcement aroused the interest of dozens of local and foreign media who gathered at this event hoping for news of the year against each other.

This is part of the reactions provoked, a week ago, the surprise announcement by President Donald Trump about making a political rally in this region. At the gates of a new government shutdown, Trump visited El Paso, Texas, and he spoke about the importance of building a wall in the fight against crime comes from across the border.

In his State of the Union, Trump said that El Paso ceased to be a very unsafe city after the construction of a wall, something that happened in 2008. But senior figures like the mayor of the city, Republican Dee Margo, and Democratic Congresswoman, Veronica Escobar, They waylaid of these words contradicting the president, and noting that the city was already secure before the construction of the wall.

Lies convenience

The Uniform Crime Report FBI shows that the annual number of violent crimes reported in El Paso dropped from almost 5,000 in 1995 to about 2,700 in 2016. But that corresponded to a similar decrease in violent crime across the country and included periods when crime rates of the city increased year after year, despite the new fences and walls that cover part of this city.

El Paso has never been one of the "most dangerous cities" of the country, and our security is a source of pride, He responded in social networks Congressman Escobar's words Trump. "These distortions about our vibrant community are harmful to our reputation and degrade our spirit", wrote.

Because, the announcement that Beto would run in presidential elections 2020 I was hoping that moved hundreds to visit the border, including Cassandra Taylor, originally from Chicago, who he was amazed at the dynamic that had witnessed, first hand, between people of the two countries. "It seems that is one city", he claimed.

But the revelation never came. Yes, there was a speech extolling the greatness of El Paso, its mixture and its Mexican heritage. He even had words in Spanish from former congressman who was a little beat Republican Ted Cruz in the last election, and they were extolled by more than one with enthusiasm and joy.

"El Paso is not sure the walls, and not despite the fact that we are a city of immigrants. It is safe because we are a city of immigrants and because we treat each other with dignity and respect ", It was one of the central ideas of speech Beto, many took the outlines of a future government plan.

Although also he released more promising ideas for migrants: Extend citizenship to more than a million dreamers in this country. Give permanent legal protection and a path to citizenship to their parents, the original dreamers. Lift millions more out of the shadows and on the road to citizenship, ensuring that they register with the government and obtain the status to work legally and pay taxes.

But the announcement that everyone was waiting just did not happen.

“…And he kept saying: This country needs us! For a minute I thought I was going to close his speech announcing that he would (for president). Although it sounded yes it will ... ", Germán García commented on the unfinished Democratic political message in other news programs has hinted that, at the end of this month, will give a "notice" regarding your decision to join the presidential race.

Democrats want the presidency

The Beto would be an application that would add more to the Democrat Elizabeth Warren, senator from Massachusetts, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand of New York, the representative of Hawaii, Tulsi Gabbard; California Senator, Kamala Harris; and Minnesota Sen., Amy Klobuchar already jumped on this wagon.

But many other names, as Senator Cory Booker New Jersey, Julián Castro, former Secretary of Housing in the government of former US. Barack Obama (2009-2017), and former Vice President Joe Biden also sound among the crowds who oppose Trump.

O'Rourke, It is a Democratic candidate, which it has gained strength, mainly among young voters. Especially, after a few weeks ago he was back saw with former President Barack Obama at a public event. This was taken by supporters of paseño as tacit backing to a possible candidacy for the presidential nomination.

"While some try to stoke fear and paranoia, spreading lies and false narrative about the border between Mexico and the United States, and demand a wall 2,000 miles along at a time when safety record, El Paso will join for a march and a celebration that highlights the truth “, He said in a statement before the event.

The rally in El Paso is the first of Trump since the November midterm elections, and comes at a precarious moment for his presidency. The shadow government closure longest in the history of the United States, ongoing research on the Russian electoral interference and a series of investigations by the majority Democrats in power in the House, precede the visit of US President.