Belize returns this 1 July to the new normal

By Ericka Donis

New measures take effect this 1 July 2020 in Belize, although the borders will remain closed.

Only cargo and emergency flights and those of residents who may return under the repatriation program will be allowed..

Whoever arrives in Belize must undergo an observation level to ensure that they do not endanger the rest of the population.

Citizens have lived through a mandatory quarantine for 3 months.

Curfew ceases

On Wednesday when you wake up there will be no more curfew. But remember that according to the law you must move with a purpose.

Quarantine Law

The Government of Belize decided that a curfew is no longer needed and beginning Wednesday, will be under rules and regulations governed by the Quarantine Law signed by the Minister of Health.

Use of mask and social distancing

Maintaining a six foot distance is always required and the use of face masks is mandatory, especially in public.

Opening of bars, clubs, discos and casinos

Night clubs, discotheques, bars and casinos do not need to maintain social distance, although if you should use a mask.

There will be no more limit to the number of people anywhere and competitive sports will be allowed.