Barry golpea a New Orleans

By Maria Teresa Perez

Louisiana had not been so hard hit since suffering the ravages of Hurricane Katrina, in 2005.

Rescuing people from floods, canceled flights and paralyzed public transport, are some of the effects of the impact of Hurricane Barry, that at landfall in Louisiana, It has been downgraded to a tropical storm.

The Meteorological Service of the United States, through a statement, He reported that “Barry continues to move over southern Louisiana, causing dangerous storm surge, heavy rain and flooding to life threatening, extending northward through Lower Mississippi Valley”.

At least 12 rescues people registered on the island of Jean Charles, Terrebone, Parish, while the canceled flights occurred in the New Orleans International Airport, Louis Armstrong.

a long process of rainfall is expected over the next 24 hours, so the system could spread causing serious flooding in the area.

Tropical storm conditions are occurring slowly, which could lead to major flooding, authorities warn.

The extended forecast for next week shows permanent rains, so the persistence of this rainy system could cause more evacuations.

Weather authorities, warn about the potential danger to the population, especially winds reached up 50 miles per hour.

While, Donald Trump President called Governor Edward John Bel, who said, through his Twitter account, who thanked the mandario for its "support and approval of application for assistance" to the emergency.

Likewise, Texas Gov. Gregg Abbout, personnel deployed for rescue and evacuation to neighboring Louisiana.