Barcelona turned into the most dangerous city in Spain

Barcelona, Spain. 29-7-2019. Photo VD / Courtesy: @barcelona_GUB.
By Dennis Aguillón

Violence rates do not stop going to rise in the city of Barcelona, this has led the people to make their own gangs prevention.

The most abundant are the "pickpockets" in the public transport, says an inhabitant of the area, Thefts and shoot statistics. A week more than a thousand complaints received by theft, according to local police.

Another alarming fact is homicide, Only in the month of July 5th crimes they are being recorded, two gun, two dagger, and most recently beaten a young man of Asian origin.

An event that attracted much attention was the death of an official of the South Korean government, who suffered a night assault 24 of June. The woman was walking along the Paseo de Taulat, in the neighborhood of Poble Nou, at about half past ten p.m., when a man approached him to steal the bag, the victim struggled with the offender, He fell to the ground and received a strong blow to the head that left her in critical condition. Days later, He died in a hospital in the area.

The woman was part of a mission of the Ministry of Tourism and Culture of China and walked official visit to the city.

According to statistics, committed more than 20 crimes per hour. In this sense, the Security council of Barcelona, Albert Batlle called for an urgent meeting to discuss the problems facing the city.

Barcelona, Spain. 29-7-2019. Photo VD / Courtesy: @barcelona_GUB.

Against the increase in the number of acts of violence, countries like France, Canada and Australia, They are informing residents about the danger to visiting Barcelona for the insecurity prevailing. Detailing criminals on the objective tourist areas, especially during peak season.

Asia your alert is not far behind in issue, after the death of the South Korean diplomatic.