Christopher makes landfall in Louisiana and extends alert

By Maria T. Morales.

Tropical storm Christopher made landfall Sunday in New Orleans, Louisiana, after part of Mexico raged furiously, Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras.

With sustained wind speed between 34 a 39 kilometers per hour and torrential rains, Christopher could cause severe thunderstorms, hail in areas of North Dakota and northwestern Minnesota, while flooding has started in New Orleans.

"There is a danger of life-threatening storm surge outside the risk reduction system for hurricanes and storms, from the mouth of the Mississipi River to Ocean Spring”, details the latest report from the National Hurricane Center.

Winds could expand along the gulf coast, from Central Louisiana to the West Florida Panhandle, including the New Orleans metropolitan area.

Significant flash floods in rivers are possible, especially where the heaviest rain falls on sectors of the coast of the Gulf of Mexico and the Mississippi Valley, authorities detailed.