11 August, 2022

“Ayudando en Grande” is the new audiovisual programming of the National Bank of Panama with Fundación AYUDINGA

“Panama does not deserve to be the seventh most unequal country in the world ", expresses Maria Gilma.

Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

Panama – close to meet 15 years AROCpanama continues to position itself as one of the companies that collectively drives the national economy through Panamanian brands.

On this occasion its founder, Maria Gilma Arrocha Castrellón, was convened by the National Bank of Panama and the Ayudinga Foundation, to be one of the leading voices within this new audiovisual programming initiative “Ayudando en Grande”, where he reveals how through the Creative Economy, equality is achieved in Panama, through the Intellectual Property of talents.

AROCpanama and Maria Gilma Arrocha, are the episode 3 of this series that begins with the painting teacher Olga Sinclair. In this third edition, Mary Gilma, who is also a Panamanian lawyer and writer, encourages young people to create their own brand and thereby generate greater development in Panama.

The National Bank of Panama with Fundación AYUDINGA, They have been training young people through digital media for years and they chose precisely María Gilma, for being an example to provide inspiration and motivation to Panamanian youth, since since his childhood and youth he has believed in his dreams and made them come true, thanks to your effort, studies, work and discipline.

Arrocha, creative economy specialist, through the Intellectual Property of talents, details about the expansion of AROCpanama. “It is an Equity platform because it creates development”.

Indicates that part of its strategy is to connect Municipalities, Representatives of Corregimiento and the Regional Chambers of Commerce and Tourism, so that they can work hand in hand with these local brands that are leaders in their communities and thereby generate consistency in the development of future generations.