Preparations advance for the beatification ceremony of Father Rutilio Grande and his fellow martyrs

The date to carry out the beatification is defined for the 22 of January of 2022, in San Salvador, and it was authorized by Pope Francis.

By Luis Alberto López

The Savior –  Preparations are underway for the beatification ceremony of Father Rutilio Grande and his two companions Manuel Solórzano and Nelson Rutilio, who were killed on 12 March 1977 in El Paisnal, north of San Salvador. Italian Father Cosme Spessotto will also be beatified, who was also killed in 1980 in San Juan Nonualco, La Paz department.

The ceremony will take place on Saturday 22 of January of 2022 in the square to the Divine Savior of the World, place where Monsignor Oscar Arnulfo Romero was also beatified a 23 May 2015.

For the act of beatification, Pope Francis delegated Salvadoran Cardinal Gregorio Rosa Chávez, to preside over the celebration that would pave the way for four more martyrs to ascend to the highest altars of the Catholic Church, thus joining San Óscar Arnulfo Romero, who was canonized in October 2018 by the same pope.

The beatification process, has already received the go-ahead from Pope Francis since 2020, when he authorized the Congregation for the Cause of Saints to promulgate the necessary decrees that gave way to, both priest Rutilio Grande and his two companions in martyrdom become blessed this year.

The theologian Rodolfo Cardenal, quoted by Vatican News, official media of the Holy See, affirms that "the future blessed Rutilio Grande is always a reference in the fight for justice and human rights in El Salvador", and adds that "Rutilio is closely associated with Monsignor Romero and they are key references for the Salvadoran church".

The organizers of the ceremony, what will be done, even though the Covid-19 pandemic has not stopped, They have shared the images of the design of the temple that will be installed outdoors.

They have contemplated biosecurity measures to prevent further infections of the coronavirus, Although in El Salvador the vast majority of the population is vaccinated against Covid-19 and reported cases have decreased substantially in recent weeks.

Salvadoran Catholic Church authorities await the arrival of national and international guests, as well as extensive press coverage and the participation of the general population, although there will be income limitations, however the official ceremony will be broadcast live by the media and social networks.