An equality law for trans people advances in Spain

Photo: Courtesy.
For Recinos Kriscia

Before becoming a viable regulation, will have to be debated in Parliament.

The Law for real and effective equality of trans people and the guarantee of LGBT rights was approved by the Council of Ministers of Spain. The regulation contemplates gender self-determination and allows people to modify their sex in their identity document, without having to declare sick, as it was done before.

The law will have to be consulted by different bodies, before becoming a legislative bill and sent to Parliament for debate and vote.

The proposal generated reactions for and against, the different political forces expressed their positions on the need to guarantee identity to trans people. The law establishes mechanisms to avoid the continuous change of sex and fraud.

Photo: Courtesy.

Among the changes required by the draft are that a person can change their name and gender in the national document, only by your will and without the need to submit medical recommendations, or undergo a year of hormones.

In Spain, people over 16 years may request to change their identity on their own, transgender people will be able to do it from 14 years, as long as they have the support of their parents and legal guardians. Minors of 12 Y 13 years will need a judicial authorization.

The law prohibits conversion therapy as it is considered a torture mechanism and lacks scientific evidence on its effectiveness..

Lesbian women, Bisexuals and those who do not have a partner will have access to assisted reproductive techniques in the common services of the National Health System, possibility that was excluded several years ago. the ability to gestate for transgender people was also added.