Arrests of undocumented border Mexico-increased following U.S. 2019

Photo: Pixabay.
For Recinos Kriscia

Arrests at the US-Mexico Border, of undocumented migrants increased by 88%, in 2019. This was confirmed by the US Bureau of Customs and Border Protection.

But nevertheless, the head of the same office, He said there is a "steady decline" of arrests, attributed to the Mexican government's plan to control migration.

But, the official figures speak for themselves. The United States authorities have detained 972 1,000 undocumented migrants on the border with Mexico during the fiscal year 2019, which is October 2018 to September this.

Mark Morgan, Head of the entity, acknowledges that the figure is the highest in the last twelve years, "These are numbers that no immigration system in the world is prepared to handle", he added.

The official clarified that although there is an increase compared to 2018, in the last four months there has been a “constant decrease” attributed to the Mexican government plan that has been implemented since last June.

During the month of September, border agents detained 52 a thousand migrants on the southern border, what represents a 65% less than in may, when it reached the peak, and the fourth consecutive month down.

This year, most of the arrests were of Central American parents with their children, many who expressed their fear of returning to their countries and tried to request asylum in the North American nation.

Morgan also announced that under the Donald Trump administration they have built 114 miles of border wall.