They attack protected area of ​​Baghdad and US airbase

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Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

International media reported on Saturday afternoon two missile attacks on Baghdad's Green Zone, protected area in the capital, and one air base housing US troops.

Attacks occur, a day after Iran's leaders will ensure that the revenge of the death of Qassem Soleimani, it will be “terrible”. Soleimani, He was killed in a military attack on a convoy, which he was ordered by President Donald Trump.

The attack on the protected area, It was confirmed by Iranian authorities on social networks and as reported, la base Al Balad, to the north of the Iranian capital it was impacted. But nevertheless, there have been no reported fatalities.

A few hours before the attacks, He was raised on the Jamkaran Mosque, a red flag, with Iran you would be communicating that you are ready for a “imminent war”. Reports indicate that he had never performed this symbolic act.

Just hours after Iranian leaders publicly affirm Soleimani's death will be avenged, the State Department of the United States, He reported that the country immediately sent about three thousand soldiers to the border area of ​​Kuwait.

Besides the United States, other countries like Canada on Friday warned its citizens traveling to Iran or leave Iranian territory, should be inside the country.