Trump booed at party baseball World Series

Photo: @astros
By Maria Teresa Perez

“Lock him up”, It was the phrase that was heard and repeated before the fifth game of the World Series baseball, when President Donald Trump appeared on the screens of Washington National Stadium, in the US capital.

Astros fans, Houston and the National, de Wahington DC, They are waiting for the match between the two teams, They received with jeers to Trump, who came to watch the match at National Park Stadium, with his family.

But nevertheless, the rejection did not seem to bother the president. Trump kept smiling and kept moving his hand, as saluting, while the crowd continued shouting “Lock him up” (Lock him) to express their rejection of their presence.

This season played in Washington DC, It was important. After 85 year absence, National Stadium once again hosts the most important meetings of the World Series 2019 and it was just, in this meeting was historic for the city, President Trump was booed.

And it is that Trump is in the eye of the scandal; because in recent weeks, Democrats try to get majority and arguments to continue promoting the “impeachment” Trump, after a call is seeping between US President and President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, in which Trump asked his Ukranian counterpart to investigate the former vice president Joe Biden.

As Americans show their contempt and Democrats fighting for impeachment proceedings against Trump, the president will travel tomorrow to Chicago, to inaugurate the world meeting of policemen and members of groups supporting migrants, preparing several proposals, related both immigrants and against the anti government policies.

Great night for the Houston Astros

The night was perfect for the Houston Astros, it scored a victory by winning at home to National, Washington DC, in the fifth game of the World Series baseball.

A result of 7 races 1, Astros painted the face of defeat to hosts, which last week also did the same by beating, in his own house, the team of the space city.

The Astros were the first to open the scoring through Yordan Alvarez, who pushed, with tremendous home run to Yuli Gurriel, both of Cuban origin.

Then, Carlos Correa and George Springer did their, and they put the Astros high with 7 runs a. With this result, the fans in Houston celebrated the end Sunday with the hope that Tuesday, Astros achieve the triumph of the big leagues.

moment, clothing and accessories can not cope, since in the city, young and old dress, since he started the season, the orange team color Astros.