27 January, 2023

Murder due to homophobia in A Coruña, Spain

Photo: Courtesy.
By Dennis Aguillón

Samuel, a young man 24 years he died from a beating outside a nightclub in A Coruña, Spain, fact that has dyed the city in mourning.

The first signs suggest that the beating was caused by a dispute, since the deceased young man would be focusing with his cell phone on a group of women and when the men who accompanied the young women realized, they rebuked him and attacked.

However, Samuel's friends revoke this version and state that “Samuel was not recording anyone but was in the vicinity of a local, in which it had previously remained ".

further, close associates state that while attacking the young man they shouted "fag" at him, so it is presumed that it was a homophobic murderer.

LGTBI groups have spoken out and denounced the attacks that different people have received in both Barcelona and Madrid, and today in A Coruña, so they ask for justice.

So far the police are following the investigations and so far no arrests have been reported for this crime. They will ask to review the recordings of the security cameras of the area where the murder was committed.