They kill lead singer of a rock band during a concert in El Salvador

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For Recinos Kriscia

Cesar Canales, Salvadoran band vocalist "Apes of God", He was killed while performing a concert in Armenia, Sonsonate, in the west of the country.

The band participated in "Green Metal Concert", where they were invited seven musical groups, event held at the Rancho Grande Restaurant.

The activity had begun at one o'clock in the afternoon and was to end with the band Channel.

According to people who witnessed the fact, vocalist would have argued with one of the assistants to start the function.

The man under apparent influence of drugs and alcohol attacked the singer when he was ending his presentation.

Salvadoran Red Cross, He rushed to the scene and reported that the victim was shot in the head, dying instantly.

There was no police presence at the time was attended vocalist.

Another member of the band was taken to a hospital with a nervous breakdown.

Sv Metal magazine posted on its Facebook a photograph would be taken at the latest Channels, just before the altercation.

Responsible for ending the life of the artist has not been caught.