Murdered priest of San José La Majada in El Salvador

By Yaneth Estrada

In hours of Saturday morning, the Attorney General's Office confirmed the killing of priest, Cecilio Perez Cruz 40 years, who he was attacked with a firearm, in the canton San Jose Majada, Township Juayúa, Sonsonate, in El Salvador.

The report notes that was attacked inside the guest room of the parish, where caps gun and a paper stating they were also identified: "He did not pay the rent MS-13". The message refers to extortion gangs in El Salvador are obliged to pay to the population.

According to official information, the murder was reported to the System 911 National Civil Police, near the 7:00 in the morning.

Following the news, the Priest and Doctor of Theology, Juan Vicente Chopin, He wrote on social networks, "They have killed another priest in La Majada, Sonsonate. It is Cecilio Perez, San José Canton pastor, Majada. The priest is from Nahuizalco. a little over a year ago killed the priest Walter Osmir in Lolotique ", He said.

Meanwhile, already in place the Bishop of the Diocese of Sonsonate, Monsignor Constantino Barrera said, "This is a murder that comes to hitting the diocese, the brothers priests, my bishop, to the father's family and to the country because it is a stroke of the criminal reality, crime that prevails in many areas of El Salvador ".