Assembly changes Day of signing of peace accords to commemorate victims of the armed conflict

Signing of the Peace Accords on 16 of January of 1992, in castle of Chapultepec Mexico, between the command of the fmln and the government of El Salvador (Photo: courtesy)

Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

The Savior – The deputies of the Legislative Assembly declared the 16 January as the Day of the Victims of the Armed Conflict, day since 30 years was known as the celebration of the signing of the peace accords, made in January 1992.

According to what was stated by the president of the State Organ, Ernest Castro, the purpose of this is to remember the victims, no to the signatories of the Peace Accords.

As a posthumous tribute to the population that was affected in the last civil war, executed in the country between 1979 Y 1992,

"That day should recognize parents, mothers and children who have found neither the truth nor justice for their relatives”, commented the deputy of the New Ideas bench, who recalled that the number of victims of this armed confrontation has been calculated at more than 75 000 dead and 15 000 missing.

Generally, the pro-government deputies consider that the document generated by the FMLN and ARENA, after a process of dialogue between the parties involved, it was an amnesty in which they agreed that neither one of them would pay for their actions. The signing of the Peace Agreements was issued at the Chapultepec Castle, located in Mexico City.

Deputy Suecy Callejas indicated that: “The point of this is not to hide the facts, it is a restitution of the right of the victims to be at the center, because the political parties of the FMLN and ARENA managed to be the main actors of peace”.

Opposition deputies criticized the approved initiative with 63 votes of the official caucus and allied parties.

“You want to instrumentalize the victims, a clear solution is not promoted”, criticized Marleni Funes, FMLN.

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