Archbishop of San Salvador is against layoffs ordered by President Najib Bukele

By Yaneth Estrada

Archbishop José Luis Escobar Alas, Archbishop of San Salvador, He assured that the Catholic Church will always be in favor of justice, therefore it ruled against more than 500 layoffs, due to deletion of 5 secretariats of State by order of Salvadoran President Najib Bukele.

For Escobar Alas, if there were cases in the past nepostimo, This must end and it is necessary to approve the soonest Civil Service Act in the Legislature, so that in the repeat, but in the case of allegations of arbitrary, "This should be investigated".

"It would be unfair to people who are doing their job as it should be fired, They are receiving a salary as befits them, and they have made merits to get there, regardless, which party are. That must end, because government reach all, They take your family, and this should not be normal, here they are paying for the sins ", He stressed Escobar Alas.

Likewise, Catholic hierarch he considered if due process was not met, employees should go to the relevant bodies to be relocated, under Salvadoran law, or being dismissed, they must comply with appropriate compensation, because this is a right and is fair.