Archbishop of San Salvador reacts to the murder of priest of San Jose, Majada

Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

Archbishop José Luis Escobar Alas, Archbishop of San Salvador, He reacted Sunday morning news conference, at the murder of the priest of San Jose, Majada, José Cecilio Pérez Cruz. "We are extremely dismayed and shocked to suffer the awful crime of the murder of one of our priests", said the prelate.

Escobar Alas also said it condemns the murder of the priest and asks the prosecutors and police crime be clarified.

While he is noting that Perez Cruz relatives say that has not been killed by a default assumption extortion gangs in the area. "We think it is not true what that page", detailed Escobar Alas, referring to the note that was found near the body with the phrase: "He did not pay the rent MS-13".

He added that "it is not that we want revenge, but justice is necessary for the good of the victims and for the good of the whole society, because violence will only be overcome but is allowed impunity ", argument.

Archbishop argues that no priest of the Catholic church is extorted by gangs.

The report of the Attorney General of the Republic said that the priest Pérez Cruz was attacked on Saturday inside the guest room of the parish of San José, Majada, where they were identified gun caps.

more reactions

Following the news, various reactions were, including the priest and doctor of theology, Juan Vicente Chopin, who wrote on social networks, "They have killed another priest in La Majada, Sonsonate. It is Cecilio Perez, San José Canton pastor, Majada. The priest is from Nahuizalco. a little over a year ago killed the priest Walter Osmir in Lolotique ", He said.

Meanwhile, Bishop of the Diocese of Sonsonate, Monsignor Constantino Barrera said, "This is a murder that comes to hitting the diocese, the brothers priests, my bishop, to the father's family and to the country because it is a stroke of the criminal reality, crime that prevails in many areas of El Salvador ".

Secretary of Communications of the Presidency of El Salvador, Roberto Lorenzana, He admitted to two weeks out of power the Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front, that the security policy of the two governments FMLN has not worked. "Of course we have not solved the security problem and that we have the strategy", Lorenzana said during the Central American Forum on Journalism 2019 held this Saturday in San Salvador, when it questioned by the public before the failure security strategy 10 years of government the FMLN.