Artists and poets celebrate racial and ethnic diversity in Houston

Photo VD / Maria T. Pérez.
Writer Glenda Amaya, receives the book " 50 of the Seven Up "from the hands of the writer Luis Bernal.

By Maria T. Pérez

Texas. With music, poetry, folklore and selling handmade jewelry, Day was held in the Salvadoran culture in Houston. This year, activity was devoted to racial and ethnic diversity of El Salvador and the United States.

artists, poets, writers and musicians from Central America, as well as Mexico, U.S, Peru, Colombia and Cuba, They delighted the audience that appointment was in the Alief Community Center, in the space city.

Conrado Contreras writer, Salvadoran president of the American Foundation of Houston, He said that this is the tenth edition of the activity, event has been well accepted and increased the number of participants, while has been internationalized.

to Contreras, on the topic culture it is important to be inclusive, nonexclusive, “we have to go deleting, and minimizing racism and discrimination, because only eliminating discrimination, it can live in peace and harmony, seeing and recognizing the person for their human and not a condition for its color, nationality or religious belief”.

While, Salvadoran writer Glenda Amaya, who also participated in the event, He stressed the importance of teaching new generations the value of reading, because that way they can pass on traditions.

"Leo stories, recite poesia, and my daughter belongs to a group of Salvadoran folklore; actually, culture has been the vehicle that has made our identity is not lost ", Amaya said, who also teaches Spanish in Houston.

Photo VD / Maria T. Pérez.
Melanie Ramos, of 12 years, He reveled in his musical performances, those attending the celebration of the Day of Salvadoran culture in Houston.