Attack against Constitutionality

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By Celia Medrano

The Savior – For those who still have doubts about the consequences of giving more power to those who already had it or for those who still await actions committed from an executive branch that had already tried to coerce another State organ with military force.

What happened this May 1st makes it clear that the last pillar of the weak democratic institutions in the country that still remained is the next to be dismantled to build on total power.

We must think, if in fact a good part of the votes that favored a legislative majority in power in the current government seduced by the promise of a change, agree that any institutional control mechanism should be annulled to an excessive and reckless power, whose consequences can be suffered for decades.

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We must also ask ourselves whether the international community, beyond speech, take actions that make it clear that this type of action is not endorsed.

The Supreme Court of Justice, It is the instance to which to appeal in the event of abuses of power and violation of constitutional rights.

To dismantle it by decree is to leave the citizenry without protection and to break the necessary inter-institutional control between the 3 state powers.

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The action only confirms what was already expected, that from the first day the power seeks more power.

That is to say, no controls, no critics, bend those who oppose from the abuse of the power to legislate, to govern and from the end of having control and total power sustained by force of the abuse of the trust deposited through the vote, and the abuse of military force when promises and lies are no longer sustainable and one begins to awaken from the illusion of many turned into a nightmare.

If they finalize the total dismissal of the Supreme Court of Justice, (CSJ),  it is an unconstitutional action.

The Legislative Assembly has the power to do so and the necessary votes. But that power must be exercised with measure and in accordance with internationally recognized standards.

More than an institutional crisis, what is clear is the ambition of total control realized,  and this means that they seek not to have any control or power that could stop arbitrary and illegal actions to guarantee impunity., when the consequences of these actions affect and harm the population.