3 December, 2022

Arias and Girón qualify for the final of the National Chess Championship

Chess Tournament. photo VD: Yaneth Estrada.

By Yaneth Estrada

San Salvador- In the National Category Chess Tournament 2020, Lemnys Arias surpassed Luis Lievano, after finishing tables, and qualified for the finals phase in the (category) Superior.

At the top, Jorge Girón also advanced, who in the second phase of the competition, It was measured against Ricardo Chávez.

Angie Garcia, qualified for the first category final. video CEO: Yaneth Estrada.

Also in the first, Angie Garcia got a “closed” win over Walter Coto, in a totally strenuous game, which was defined in blitz mode. Manuel Meléndez qualified here, in tiebreaker.

in second category, there is a rescheduled game between Mario Dubón and Camila Abarca, this will be played this week.

A game of great concentration and mental agility. video CEO: Yaneth Estrada.

While in the third category quarterfinal stage, Yanci Rodríguez beat Cristian Cruz, and Carlos Castillo to Rodolfo Hernandez.

The finals and semifinals of the National Category Chess Championship 2020, continues next weekend in its final phase.