30 November, 2022

APES complaint cyberbullying reporters in El Salvador

By Yaneth Estrada

Journalist Association of El Salvador (APES) He denounced cyberbullying to the journalist of La Prensa Gráfica (LPG) Mariana Belloso to quote President.

"APES condemns the aggression of the victim is journalist Mariana Belloso and urges the authorities to respect the right to freedom of press, especially when the journalist rectifies the news ", said the statement.

Everything began with the publication on Twitter saying: "President Najib Bukele asking people to stop paying rent. Follow the press conference on National Radio 96.9 ". To which the president, answered: "Told half a truth is worse than a thousand lies. I said that as people were feeling confidence in the plan, that as they saw the police and the army came to stay, that as time went on, They will no longer pay the rent ".

Later, the journalist said publication and the president resumed and gave "retweet". Since then, He has been the victim of harassment digital social network, even politicians, details the APES.

More cyber violence

As well, Roxana Lemus of El Mundo, He denounced "the lynching of journalists' social networks by a note addresses the issue of gaps that have the Law of interns and residents.

"With all due respect Mr., there are ways to express opinions with education and do not need to expose journalists to this type of harassment. Ni Twitter, or Facebook should be arenas for debate or denigrate professional ethics ", Lemus wrote in his official account.

Likewise, the Salvadoran journalist based in Argentina, Kriscia Recinos denounced on Twitter: "There are many men who believe that by telling us ugly, gorda, cats, They will lower their arms and accept their treatment or their insults about our ability to make us take a step back ".

The 4 of January of 2011, El Salvador adopted the Comprehensive Special Law for a Life Free of Violence (LEIV) The main objective is to recognize the right as a woman to live without violence, Freeform, equal and dignified manner. Both, "Create different measures to detect, to prevent, answer, to protect, repair and punish acts of violence against women ".