Injectable contraceptive for men would be for sale 2020

Photo: Pixabay.
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From next year, Birth control will also be in the hands of men. The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), for its acronym in English, launched the first male injectable contraceptive.

The medical body completed clinical trials of the contraceptive is expected to be sold in ampules, within approximately seven months. The prototype must be submitted to health authorities in the countries where the injection is marketed.

ICMR said the stage of testing already completed and the success rate is more than the 97 percent.

The scientific name of the contraceptive is reversible inhibitor of sperm under guidance (RISUG, for its acronym in English) and is based compound styrene maleic anhydride, to be injected by a physician and will under anesthesia. The injection is applied in one of two vas deferens found near the testis and whose function is to carry and store sperm into the urethra, where they mix with the other liquid at the time of ejaculation.

Historically, the medical community has led contraception to women so that this mechanism will undoubtedly much to talk about and generate controversial reactions.

already 2016 He had created an injectable contraceptive like, however studies were suspended due to side effects caused in men, such as mood changes and acne.