Faced wave of arrests in the United States are expected to be deported thousands of Salvadorans

Photo: @TrabajoSV
Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

Because mass deportation orders announced by President Donald Trump, the American Civil Liberties Union introduced a federal lawsuit to protect asylum seekers, Most come from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras.

Until now, the Salvadoran government has not confirmed that there are other compatriots detained in the operations in 9 states of the American union, but nevertheless, the Ministry of Labor released images that are observed deported reach the Central American country, guarded by agents of Immigration and Customs, known as ICE, for its acronym in English.

Arrests of undocumented immigrants, They were announced by late June Trump, and soon they were suspended by the president. But last week, the same Trump, took up the issue and said that “millions” of undocumented immigrants would be arrested and deported this weekend.

Meanwhile, in United States, some experts and members of the security forces, They assured the local press that the operations were aimed at undocumented people who are in conflict with US law, or immigrants who were not submitted to the immigration courts when they were required.

Meanwhile, in El Salvador Labor Minister, Rolando Castro said in his tweet account the government “will implement a protocol for receiving returnees” in the coming days.

“I want to inform you that we are working hard in the early implementation of a real program of care for returnee migrants, to generate them psychosocial reintegration, legal advice and productive integration either through gainful employment or a sustainable venture orient”.

Likewise, Monday the government of President Najib Bukele assure you are managing an agreement with the United States for Salvadoran agricultural workers can travel to that country with a temporary employment, and thus help reduce undocumented migration rates

Source: Directorate of Immigration in El Salvador.