Faced with the new immigration provisions of the United States, precautions must be taken

Photo: Courtesy International Organization for Migration (OIM).

By Yaneth Estrada

The Savior – Rina Montti, Director of Human Rights Monitoring of the Cristosal organization, He warned Salvadorans that the new provisions announced by the United States Government should be taken with caution and caution,  to avoid being victims of human trafficking, since they are using this type of speech to confuse, creating new massive mobilizations, even with minors (migrant caravan).

International media assured that the riot police and the Guatemalan army, forcibly dispersed this Monday (for the second day in a row) a caravan of thousands of Central American migrants, mainly Hondurans, that seeks to reach the United States. The authorities again used tear gas and beat members of the group with sticks, who once again organized and blocked a road after being repressed on Sunday.

Likewise, Cristosal's specialist explained that the new immigration reforms announced by the President of the United States, Joe Biden, “are for people who have been in the legalization process for several years. Also for the moment, Policies approved by the previous administration remain in force as, safe third country, closure of borders and use of military forces to hold back mobilizations.

In this sense, recalled that during the Trump administration, people not only from El Salvador were found, but from Guatemala and Honduras (Northern triangle) whose rights are violated, ignoring them, they were distributed, even older ones still continue processes.

Para Montti, among the reasons for promoting these new massive mobilizations in the Central American region are the loss of jobs, economy deuterium, rise in violence that forces entire families to leave their places of origin, the pandemic, access to health, which means this is a life and death situation, and not just hungry. The call, He stressed is not to get carried away by information on social networks and avoid being victims of human trafficking or even violence.

International Organization for Migration (OIM), offers humanitarian aid

After the riots, the International Organization for Migration (OIM) deployed two teams in Chiquimula, Guatemala to provide humanitarian assistance and monitor the situation of the approximately 7 thousand 500 migrant people who decided to travel in caravan mode from Honduras to Mexico and then to the United States.

Many migrants, especially from Honduras, entered Guatemala en masse during the days 15 Y 16 from January. The advance of some 5 thousand migrants were detained at a checkpoint in Chiquimula (Guatemala) from the day 16. When he is unable to continue his journey, the contingent of migrants that made up the caravan disintegrated at this point last 19 as a consequence of the measures taken by the Guatemalan authorities, which included the use of force.

“The OIM, in coordination with the United Nations System in the region, calls for no unjustified or excessive force to be used against any migrant, asylum seeker or refugee during immigration control actions, police or health, and that the States adhere to the applicable international instruments ”declared Michele Klein Solomon, IOM Regional Director for Central America, North America and the Caribbean. "At the same time, we ask migrants to do everything possible to respect and comply with migration laws, as well as the legal orders of the personnel in charge of enforcing the law ".

According to the latest figures available from the Guatemalan Migration Institute (IGM), al 20 January the government of that country had made the return of 3 thousand 962 people coming mainly from Honduras, and including smaller groups of Salvadorans and Nicaraguans.

Rina Montti, Director of Human Rights Monitoring (DDHH) from Cristosal.