New Year, ancient rituals that make people

Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

A few hours before the end of each year, Some people perform certain rituals to bring good luck, love, money and many other things for the new year.

The most famous among Latin American, It is to use an undergarment of a particular color, as is the desire: Red, for the love; verde, For good luck, yellow, for the good vibes; White, for peace; rosa, to help disperse lawsuits in the family… and so, others.

Another of the most famous rituals, is walking at twelve o'clock, with a suitcase. This, according to those who work them, It is to keep and attract adventurous trips throughout the year.

Which it is never lacking in many homes around the world, It is to eat traditional 12 grapes, at midnight. Singly, It represents the desires or goals to meet during the 12 months of next year.

One of the strangest, It is burning a paper, in which previously he has written negative things or events that happened during the old year. According to the belief, It is to prevent similar actions from recurring.