Andy “It was not excluded, that is not true”: units Rubio

Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

The controversy unleashed in social networks, after Andy Lovos, one of the members of the band El Salvador Great as Its People, He was escorted by Sheriff Pasadena, Before starting the famous Rose Parade continues.

units Rubio, president of the Salvadoran Committee El Piche, group that organized the trip and coordinated the participation of the band in the edition 131 of the Rose Parade, He came to the passage of the charges against him, in an interview with American news chain Telemundo Los Angeles.

“The Rose Parade has very clear rules, It was not excluded, that is not true. failed to comply with its commitment and had not Enot, not with the Salvadoran Committee El Piche… I could not give priority to a tweet, a destructor message before safeguarding the integrity of the band and each of these guys”, Rubio responded in the interview.

further, Rubio said Andy, separate band musician, He did not meet all the requirements are set by the protocol and the organizers of the Tournament of Roses Parade.

“The Rose Parade gave us a way we have to fill, we have to sign, we have to give our personal data, also it includes if we have any medical condition, If you have any allergies. That way he did not have it because it did not appear in the list”, said the president of El Piche.

To the question be, if it considers that the whole plot of Anday and the expulsion of the Parade, It is political, Rubio also said yes and:

“I do not see another way. And it saddens me greatly because I always, We are what we have sought to highlight the good of our country. El Piche Committee has spent working with various government and greatly surprises me that has not been recognized in this administration the effort we have developed by 24 years, doing the best job to bring developing communities of the country”.

With respect to money, some question and Salvadoran President, n watch, You said not receive the Committee El Piche, Rubio said that the funds donated by a financial institution and by the Salvadoran Government, They were used directly to buy airline tickets and to pay the hotel and did not go through the accounts of the organization, as claimed by some people.

Five deserters and ANSWERS to the scandal

At the interview. Rubio also he confirmed that five members of the band defected, They missed to the commitment made and remained illegally in the United States.

“The first day, defected three boys”, while the other two, they did after the Rose Parade. Rubio said before responding to attacks by controversy Andy, should inform the authorities about the US Embassy in El Salvador, on deserters.

Meanwhile, before returning to El Salvador, Band members performed a Facebook live to support and to denounce Enot Rubio who have been attacked from social networks for the incident, which they say, It was handled negatively by supporters of Andy Lovos.

Young, also they ensure that Lovos, He has not given the required forms by the organizers of the Tournament of Roses Parade.

In social networks, too, relatives and friends of the members of the Band, ensure that Lovos, He had been expelled from the ranks of the group, before the trip for misconduct and for missing rehearsals.