Latin America is open for business, They say consulates in Canada

Oscar Vigil

Toronto, Glen. Seen from a purely commercial perspective, Latin America is undoubtedly one of the best regions to buy products. Its vast terrain allows virtually all the world's crops, and its long continental extension ensures continuous production throughout the year.

These possibilities were those that were at the base of the "Business Panel: Doing Business with Latin America ", the consulates of various countries in Latin America, together with the Mayor of Toronto, They conducted last week during the 4th Annual Latin American Business Conference in Toronto.

The event was attended by about a hundred people, many entrepreneurs and businessmen interested in doing business in Canada and also with some Latin American countries.

The panel was moderated by the General Consul of Panama, Maryorie Bravo, and panelists Daniel Cadenazzi, General Consul of Uruguay; Maria Arrieta, Consul – Commercial Attache of Argentina; Fernando Acuña, Director of Pro-Chile; Alvaro Concha, Director of Pro-Colombia; Alejandro Kayser, Director of Pro-Ecuador; and Andrés Recalde, President of the Peruvian Canadian Chamber of Commerce.

It should be noted that some Latin American consulates have commercial attaches in charge of business relations between his country and companies and the Canadian government, while other countries have created institutions that are specifically dedicated to this area, Such is the case of Pro-Chile, Pro-Pro-Ecuador and Colombia, in this case.

The General Consul of Uruguay in Toronto, Daniel Cadenazzi, who recently began his diplomatic activities in this city, is who also handles trade relations of his country, and the panel highlighted the range of products and services that the country offers both Canada and the rest of the world.

One of its main products is obviously the meat supply, he explained, adding that in a country of just three million people live well 15 million cattle able to feed for months the entire Canadian population estimated at 33 millions of inhabitants. And each head of Uruguayan beef is labeled with a GPS ensuring the accurate knowledge of his journey from birth to butchering, which allows for certain quality of each piece of meat, he explained.

Consul – Commercial Attache of Argentina, Maria Arrieta, obviously he emphasized the strong and wide variety of wines produced in the country, which they are being exported to almost everyone, and here in Canada have a strong demand. But nevertheless, Argentina is much more than wine, and its range of products for export is quite broad and includes many fruits, vegetables and agricultural products in general, as well as a variety of inputs all, goods and services, he said.

Director of Pro-Chile, Fernando Acuña, meanwhile he said that Chile is a leader in the export of various products no traditions, such as fresh grapes, fresh cherries, fresh salmon fillets, fresh blueberries, plums, frozen trout fillets, sea ​​urchins and seaweed for industrial use, among other.

Of course wine is always in the pillory, as well as the entire industry related to mining, since the South American country is a pioneer in the field.

In the case of Colombia, Director of Pro-Colombia, Alvaro Concha, He highlighted the production and export of flowers, emphasizing that at least 95 percent of consumers find flowers in large chains such as Cosco and Loblaws are of Colombian origin. Colombia is the largest exporter of flowers worldwide number two and number one in Canada, he said, without undermining the influential coffee industry, cocoa and many other products, he explained.

Meanwhile, Alejandro Kayser, Director of Pro-Ecuador, He also highlighted the wide range of export products with which your country, emphasizing organic bananas through which it has made its way into various parts of the world, as well as with shrimp water.

Peru meanwhile offers organic Quinoa, a product that in recent years has greatly popularized in Canada, in the United States and Europe, as well as a diverse range of organic foods, said Andres Recalde, President of the Peruvian Canadian Chamber of Commerce.

He also stressed that Peru is becoming one of the most important suppliers of pet food, especially for dogs and cat in various parts of the world. Mining and everything that has to do with the mining engineering is also an available option for Canadian companies, he explained.

At the end of the panel, What became clear in the environment is that Latin America has much to offer Canadian businesses and the rest of the world, and that, definitely, It is open for business.