10 August, 2022

Latin America celebrates 2 November "Day of the Dead”

Relatives decorate the graves of their loved ones. photo VD: Courtesy Karla Gómez Rivas.
By Anayansi Rivas

Every year the 2 of November “Day of the Dead”, It's a very special day, It is a tradition of Latino families to visit the holy fields and decorate the graves with flowers and even light candles, it is to remember your loved ones who have already left this world.

The vast majority of families visited the cemeteries this weekend, some governments give a holiday this day,  2020 has been the saddest year in the world, after the Second World War,  The COVID-19 pandemic has left all the world's families mourning and grief.

photo VD: Courtesy Karla Gómez Rivas.

The governments of each country, in coordination with the Ministry of Health and the municipal authorities used a special protocol to enter the holy fields, with the aim of preventing and avoiding spreading the contagion of COVID-19, this virus is still active in the environment.

Restrictions are to first disinfect your hands before entering the cemetery,  limited visit time, small groups, wear mask, do not bring natural flowers, older adults and children cannot enter the cemetery,  thus they also ask the general population for collaboration and understanding.

Mexico celebrates the Day of the Dead and makes altars to their loved ones. photo VD: Milagro Orellana.

Countries like Mexico, Guatemala and Peru, they make altars in their houses, for them that is another way to honor their deceased relatives.

The Savior, Nicaragua, Honduras, Colombia and Costa Rica, They took advantage of the weekend to clean the graves and decorate them with flowers, but this year was the exception, time was restricted and not everyone had the privilege of visiting their deceased.