Existential Threats in Central America Says Senator Leahy

Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

The President of the United States Senate, Patrick Leahy, He warned of "existential threats" in Central America and said that El Salvador is dangerously close to "a one-party state.".

Worried about political reality, criminal, poverty and marginalization in Central America, as well as the dangers to democracy due to corruption, threats to the justice system or insufficient electoral processes, Leahy called on Joe Biden's government and his country's Congress to reassess relations with four of the five countries in the troubled region..

And he listed that in Guatemala, "The Constitutional Court is being attacked by Congress and the Executive. If the magistrates of the Court are replaced by cronies from the other branches of government, any semblance of a credible justice system will be lost ".

He said that in Honduras, “Corruption permeates the highest levels of government, civil society activists are under attack and the justice system is complicit in perpetuating anarchy and impunity. ”

And about El Salvador he alluded that the country "is becoming a one-party state, where the separation of powers makes little sense ".

On the other hand, Nicaragua expressed itself in other and more specific terms because it assured that there is "a dictatorship that will use all the means it deems necessary to try to avoid free and fair elections.".

In general, he said that while the Central American people "fight against extreme poverty, food insecurity, gang violence, lack of confidence in their leaders and little hope for a better future ”millions of them are likely“ to risk it all and leave their homes for the possibility, however remote, security and economic opportunities elsewhere ”and it is clear that his main destination is the United States, although he did not say.

But then he explained that without good governments "no amount of foreign aid will fundamentally change this dynamic" and asked the "Biden Administration and the United States Congress must re-evaluate our relationships with these governments that are the antithesis of credible partners.".

He emphasized that by reassessing relations with these four countries they reaffirm “our commitment to defend the rights of the Central American people and the principles of government of the people., by people, and for people ".