Tsunami threat to El Salvador after earthquake 6.8

Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

The Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources of El Salvador MARN reported that the 3 am, local time, an earthquake was recorded 6.8 degrees, with its epicenter off the coast of the department of La Libertad 66 km south of Playa Mizata.

The movement, which he had a depth of 48 kilometers, triggered tsunami threat to El Salvador, so the authorities proceeded to evacuate the coastal communities of the country.

On the Costa del Sol it was generated increased 60 centimeter waves, while on the beaches of Acajutla, it was of 70 centimeters. In San Juan del Gozo increased the waves 1 meter high. In Metalío and around 1.1. While in the Union it is expected to increase to waves 3 meters.

This time part of the country is reported without power and proceed as a precaution at the end of the road of Los Chorros.