Rise in infections worries Spain

By Dennis Aguillón

Since the end of the alarm state, last June and he returned to the "new normal", some restrictions are invalid. But nevertheless, the use of a mask has always been compulsory in public transport.

Meetings in bars, celebrations and nightlife had the authorities of the Ministry of health concerned, against possible outbreaks of coronavirus.

In different provinces this has once again put its inhabitants in "emergency", that they should stay home to prevent further contagion.

This Monday, the Ministry of Health announced 6,361 new infections that have been registered since Friday. 855 people tested positive and six have died in the past 24 hours. The 60% of those infected are asymptomatic.

With borders open only to countries of the European Union, the United Kingdom has chosen to place a mandatory quarantine of 14 days to tourists and citizens from Spain, in order to avoid a second wave of infections.

Faced with this decision, the central government negotiates with London so that provinces such as the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands are excluded from this measure. According to the Minister of Tourism they expect an immediate response.

The World Health Organization WHO has described as "very accurate" the surveillance system that Spain has implemented to detect infections and that this does not directly affect and restrict travelers.