26 November, 2022

Alianza new monarch of the Salvadoran Football

Photo: @AlianzaFC_sv
By Dennis Aguillón

The opening finale 2019 which it took place in the monumental Estadio Cuscatlan, Alliance between Fas and left as new national champion team of the capital.

Alliance reached its final seventh consecutive crown and sought to boost your number 14, but opposite team had feline after 4 years of not being present at the big party and 10 years of not lifting the title, I arrived with a thirst for a winner.

The central referee Germán Martínez, o'clock 3:00 p.m., local time, gave the initial whistle for a new final between tigrillos and elephants.

Alianza was the total dominator of the first minutes, generating clear scoring chances, but Fas kept his defensive lines solid.

Over time, the santaneco team managed to get comfortable on the pitch, but it did not generate danger to the rival arc.

The first half went with a zero draw and an entertaining game.

At the start of the second half, coach Wilson Gutiérrez sent his first change, and Isaac Portillo entered for Marvin Monterrosa. Meanwhile, Guillermo Rivera commanded the 11 from the beginning.

With the departure of Monterrosa, Alianza stopped generating arrivals and Fas took the reins of the party, being dominator of the ball and approaching the goal of Rafael García, but without much danger.

The pachyderms kept looking for the rival goal, That was how the national Narciso Orellana, At the minute 66 took advantage of a center from Colombian Raúl Peñaranda to make a header and send the ball to the back of the net, and put the capital team ahead.

The party was unleashed by the white fans who were present at the Cuscatlán Stadium.

The last minutes of the match became a bit tense in the half court, cutting key plays on both teams. Fas proposed a little more with some arrivals to get the tie, however he did not manage to send the ball to the back of the net.

In this way, the brand midfielder of the Alianza and the national team goes down in history, after being the author of the only goal of the match, and thus give him the crown number 14 albo team.