TPS National Alliance requests clarification from the new Ambassador of El Salvador appointed in Washington

Milena Mayorga is sworn in as Washington Ambassador by the President of El Salvador, n watch. Photo: Courtesy CAPRES.

By Luis Alberto López

Through a statement, The National TPS Alliance of El Salvador expresses its concern over the recent statements made on its Twitter account by the designated Ambassador in Washington, Milena Mayorga, where he asserts that "the heart of the new agenda with Washington is to explain to our compatriots that our president is creating the conditions for his return".

“These statements have generated consternation and confusion in the TPS community., so we request a clarification”, says part of the statement released Thursday night 29 of September.

“Our biggest dream is to stay in the United States, because it is the best for our families, for our home country and for our adoptive country”, the representatives of this alliance assure.

Binational cooperation is necessary to achieve the goal, but they do not believe in absolute subordination but in negotiation, added in press release.

The legal team is currently preparing to appeal the decision of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. But they also need to win in court and in public opinion, that is why they are visiting the 32 States and 54 cities as part of the "Road to Justice".

Temporary Protected Status for more than 300 One thousand Salvadorans in the United States expires in January 2021.