5 October, 2022

Alliance between Voice of the Diaspora and Carolina Albasio University will allow young Salvadorans to train in Italy

By Rosy Figueroa

The International News Agency Voice of the Diaspora and the Carolina Albasio High School signed an agreement that will promote university studies in Language Mediation Sciences among Salvadorans living in Italy, as well as disseminating the academic activities carried out by the educational institution through journalistic coverage.

The agreement establishes among the priorities, that the university will offer the formation of the profile of Linguistic Mediator through the career of Sciences of Linguistic Mediation in order to prepare students in all aspects of a degree.

Rosy Figueroa, Correspondent in Milan, Italy, and coordinator of the Voz de la Diaspora scholarship program.

Applicants will receive innovative training that combines language skills with computer skills, business, economic and legal.

The study program also includes the teaching of English, and the improvement of the Italian language, since in the case of Spanish-speaking students they arrive with the advantage of knowing the Spanish language.

With all these advantages, "an effective preparation" is sought that allows future professionals to work in a context characterized by multiculturalism..

Young people from the Salvadoran diaspora in Italy will benefit from the program that the Carolina Albasio High School offers to Spanish-speaking students interested in Language Mediation.

The Academic Director, Bárbara Minesso said that the Higher School is a university that strives to serve students, whether they are Italian or Spanish-speaking in the same conditions, since the main goal is to facilitate their studies in an institution that favors personalized teaching.

“We have thought about giving Spanish-speaking students the opportunity to access higher studies or university studies, knocking down all the obstacles they normally find in their way, all barriers, intermediations that sometimes involve expenses and a lot of time”, stated Minesso.

He added that “At first, the opportunity to access the studies of the Linguistic Mediation Sciences career at the Carolina Albasio Higher School is for residents in Italy, Salvadorans for example who have a high school diploma, a great advantage is the recognition of the degree even obtained abroad”, he claimed.

By removing all barriers, students will not require “expensive translations or intermediation by consulates or other institutions”, nor will they require prerequisites from a linguistic point of view, for example that they have a high level of the English language.

Minesso said that learning languages ​​is the responsibility of the institution, In the case of Spanish-speaking students, to learn or improve the Italian language, they are offered the services of tutors who support them in their needs.

On the other hand, the international news agency “Voice of Diaspora” promote the study plans for the Salvadoran diaspora in Italy with the aim of training professionals and giving them the opportunity to be exempted from paying a significant percentage of the degree. In addition, the students benefiting from the alliance will receive educational materials at no cost.

Likewise, will support the activities in which journalistic coverage is required with a view to strengthening the development and promotion of the Carolina Albasio School.

Milagro Vallecillos, President of Voice of the Diaspora stated that this is an event that the news agency celebrates, since this agreement will allow Salvadoran students to have access to this exemption. “This alliance fills us with great joy. Education transforms lives and provides unimaginable opportunities so that young people from our Salvadoran community in the great diaspora can improve themselves and chart a better professional future for them.”.

Vallecillos added that this degree in Sciences of Linguistic Mediation is a great opportunity for our young people to integrate into a globalized world, in which every day it becomes vital in companies to have polyglot human resources. “These young people through their training, will be worthy representatives of our Salvadoran culture and our people, what makes us celebrate this alliance in a great way”, The President of Voice of the Diaspora ended.