Heat wave alert in part of the US.

Climate authorities urge the population to take precautions to stay safe from the heat wave. Courtesy photo.

Maria T. Morales

U.S – Texas Civil Service Authorities, They call on residents in the face of the heat wave that according to weather forecasts could reach triple digits and threatens much of the West of the nation, that could break new records, This was alerted by the National Meteorological Service (IT, for its acronym in English).

The corresponding institutions provide a series of advice to the population, first stay hydrated, use sunblock, wear comfortable and cool clothes, as well as staying alert with children, seniors and pets, It is the call to the citizen not to be surprised, temperatures cataloged as "dangerously high" will hit during this week, so they will be constantly evaluating and monitoring to be able to alert the population of excessive heat, According to the official report.

The thermometer could reach three digits, and break records, authorities said. Photo: Courtesy.

Every year, the National Meteorological Service launches a summer safety campaign, Y 2021 is no exception. Extreme heat causes human losses, injuries and millions of dollars in damages, so you must be prepared, whether you are in a camp, sitting in a car or parked.

"Extreme weather can get worse quickly," authorities warned of the imminent danger that could put many residents at risk..

Heat levels are dangerous, reason why the National Meteorological Service will maintain alerts and warnings during this week. Photo: Courtesy.

This is how the most vulnerable people to suffer a "heat stroke" are pregnant women., infants, minors, older adults, people with chronic diseases and outdoor workers who are exposed to the sun such as construction and landscaping personnel.