Extreme weather alert in the United States

By Maria Teresa Perez

Severe thunderstorms over the Great Plains, Moderate to heavy rains in Southeast, with possible and flash floods, high temperatures and dry conditions, risk of fires over the Sacramento Valley area, in California, are some of the features that will present the weather for this weekend, according to the National Weather Service United States.

The thermometer shows a variety of weather conditions for the American union. in Houston, Texas, It provides that the thermometer reads 96 Fahrenheit degrees, but the wind chill will be around in 105 a 108 degrees.

The thermometer will reach a record high temperature. The weather will be sunny, highly humid and hot, They alerted the authorities time, so you should keep hydrated, fresh and, do outdoor activities like exercises.

Sunday will be submitted to similar conditions; 99 but degrees ° F 110 degrees, They alerted the authorities.

although officially, the summer equinox begins next 21 of June, temperatures have started to increase progressively, and at national level and are recorded 10 children died from hyperthermia.

Every year, at least 38 be forgotten children die in vehicles. The victims, most of them are under three years. From them, the 54% They were left in cars by persons responsible for their care and protection, according to data http://noheatstroke.org


  • Wear cool clothes
  • Staying with air conditioning
  • rehydrate
  • No exercise or outdoor activities
  • No fires
  • When you leave your car always check the rear of this
  • Sun exposure, use sunscreen
  • Use hats and sunglasses