Alert for increase in sexual violence in minors during the pandemic

photo VD: Milagro Orellana.
By Yaneth Estrada

In the first quarter of 2020, four women a day, especially girls and adolescents, suffered injuries caused by sexual violence, according to reports from health centers, revealed the Organization of Salvadoran Women for Peace (Ormus to).

Of the total 759 consultations with people treated for the first time in the health network, the 94% (712) they are women and he 6% they are men. In the case of women, 8 decade 10 girls and adolescents are under 18 years.

To ORMUSA, “This reality shows the need to address sexual violence in Citizen Security policies to address this problem that is normalized, for example, when the numerical magnitude or the physical and psychological consequences of the victims are minimized. Just like when he blames himself, women are held responsible for being the cause of the events due to their way of dressing or behaviors or everyday expressions are used that minimize violations or any act of violence against women”.

further, They point out that based on the National Report on Data on Violence against Women of the Ministry of Justice and Public Security and the General Directorate of Statistics and Censuses, the 50% of situations of sexual violence occur in private homes, Thus, “Confinement not only implies greater exposure to especially sexual violence, but also added other risks such as pregnancies in girls and adolescents or sexually transmitted diseases”.

Important data

At a comparative level, in the first trimester of 2020, they attended 80 cases of 0 a 12 years of girls with injuries caused by sexual violence. Meanwhile in 2019 were 115. Of 12 a 17 years there were 506 in 2020 and during the same period of 2019, 637.

For this reason, they consider that another element to analyze is the departmental behavior and the urgent need for the operation of health centers to attend the pandemic of violence against women.

The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) estimates that for El Salvador, a 6 months of confinement with moderate interruption of health services, at least 57,000 women will not be able to use modern contraceptive methods and will have at least 485 unintended pregnancies. June 2020 Are registered 258 pregnancies in girls 10 years of 10 a 14 years and 6,581 in the group of 15 a 19 years.

I respect the lawyer, Marcela Galeas urged journalists, “please, in your grades do not reduce criminal behavior, especially in the case of violence towards minors, a pregnancy in a girl under 14 years is rape, help us make the problem visible, since the GOES leaves it in statistics”, said in social networks.