Maximum alert to arctic cold wave

By Maria T. Morales

More of 200 million inhabitants of 40 states of the United States, are under threat of a dangerous freezing storm that has caused the declaration of a state of emergency and the call to stay home to avoid tragedies.

The possible closure of roads, flight cancellation, Power outages could happen in the next few hours, until the middle of next week according to the authorities.

Dallas local authorities, Chicago, Houston, Louisiana, among other large cities in the nation, They called on the population to stay home and off the roads.

“We have extensive experience staying home from hurricanes… Now stay home from dangerous winter storm, my name is Lina Hidalgo, Harris County Judge, en Texas.

Faced with imminent danger from the scourge of the winter storm, the authorities called on the population to stay informed, protect pipes, plants and animals.

Millions are below freezing, which could last until the middle of next week, according to meteorological authorities.

As accident prevention and protection measures, classes have been suspended and some work centers also canceled work activities.

"We do not know the total amount of water snow, freezing rain and snow. But we face double threat, prolonged cold and ice on the roads ’’, explained the judge Hidalgo.

"The time has come to take shelter" ... our routes, from this moment they are not safe ", the official said.