Alejandro Muyshondt will be processed free

Photo: Prosecutors in El Salvador.
Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

Security adviser in the government of Najib Bukele, Alejandro Muyshondt and Manuel Francisco Streets, personal security agent were charged by the Attorney General of El Salvador, six offenses: Resistance, irresponsible possession of firearm, expressions of violence against women, theft, threats and damage. The last three were reconciled with the victims and a judge must ratify the agreement.

The official was in custody and was led handcuffed to the letter for correct Tenth Paz to meet the requirement of Public Prosecutions.

It will be processed and released the initial hearing was scheduled for Wednesday 11 of September.

Muyshondt was accompanied by his lawyer, Bertha María de León.

It is to remember that was captured 6 of September, after allegedly assaulting two women who had parked in front of his garage, near the roundabout of San Salvador Luceiro.