Alejandro Muyshondt arrested for violence against women

Editorial Dept. Voz de la Diaspora

National Security Advisor of the Government of El Salvador, He was arrested Friday for alleged damage to a vehicle and expressions of violence against women, PNC reported.

It is known that Muyshondt tried to flee the scene, raised near Colonia Escalon, Federal Republic of Germany Street and Redondel Luceiro.

The police source said the vehicle he was riding the victim stood in front of the house Muyshondt, while he is attending a consultation. In the notice, the official came out and called insults. It was both anger, which it caused damage to the automotive trying to move with chains.

A return to the vehicle, woman "who had observed all four tires damaged and broken glass", police sources said.

Women also noted that on one side of the vehicle Alejandro Muyshondt was accompanied by two of his bodyguards and heavy weapons. "At that time they threatened and intimidated the victim for having parked the vehicle in place".

The woman filed a complaint with the PNC and proceeded to capture Muyshondt, who he was transferred to San Salvador delegation Center, in Colonia Monserrat, where he performed a checkup and the respective signing.